It's officially the last weekend of the summer, and we're ending off the season on a high, with temperatures above the 20-degree mark.

While summer was a little late arriving here in Cochrane, we've been graced by our fair share of beautiful hot sunny days over the last couple of months.

We caught up with Environment Canada's Blaine Lowry in mid-June, at which time he said we were in for a long and hot summer, and his long-range forecast was bang on.

Temperatures in Cochrane were averaging in the mid to high twenties for much of the summer and we even had a heat warning in place during August with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

Lowry says that we even had some record-breaking highs here in Cochrane.

"There was one daily record high that was set on August 13, it was 30.0 degrees," says Lowry. "That was not the hottest day of the summer though for Cochrane. That was August 17 which reached 31.2 degrees."

Although not as favourable as those record highs, Lowry says that Cochrane also recorded some record-breaking overnight low temperatures.

"Those were set on June 23 and then a string of three in a row from July 29 to the 31." 

September has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride in terms of the weather. We've gone from temperatures in the low twenties down to single digits and frost, up to the high twenties and pretty much everything in between.

Temperatures in Cochrane are expected to hover in the low twenties this weekend and Lowry says that we can expect to enter the fall with above seasonal temperatures too.

"We are looking to stay above average for the next seven to ten days, and then looking beyond that through the fall. Environment Cadada put out its fall outlook at the beginning of September and for Southern and Western Alberta there's some hints that the warmer than normal conditions could remain."

Well, if that's the case, it will be much easier to fall for fall here in Cochrane. So long summer, you sure have been delightful.