Cochrane McDonald’s and CochraneNow were feeling the festive spirit today when they surprised The Kitchen Boutique with the McCafe Coffee Break. The store was bustling with holiday shoppers when we dropped off hot McCafe coffee and treats for the entire staff.

This lovely nomination definitely caught our attention “I am nominating Kitchen boutique because the staff has been working their butts off to keep the local small business going. Covid has hit a lot of business hard and some days the staff work so hard they forget to take a break. The owner Claire Breeze is an amazing boss and is also a mom of 4 with two stores one here in Cochrane and one in Canmore. She is an amazing boss and she goes above and beyond for her staff and community! Maybe if coffee were surprised the staff would actually pause for a moment and celebrate their hard work. The Covid times have been hard on us all both for business, mentally and physically on the hands from sanitizing”

We also have to give a big shout to The Kitchen Boutique for opening their front window display to independent businesses in the Cochrane area. So cool!


Where should we go next week with the McCafe Coffee Break? Let us know here.