Three weeks in as the new general manager of infrastructure and operational services for the Town of Cochrane and Azam Khan's excitement is apparent. "To be exact, I started on September 21st. I am really excited there are a lot of good people here and a great team to work with. Cochrane itself is a beautiful place to stay and work."

Khan brings with him a great deal of experience as he worked for the city of Cold Lake in the same position for ten years.  He lived in Calgary prior to that and has a lot of friends around the area. He says, "Cochrane, I never thought I would be working here and I am pretty excited."

Khan's experience will do him well as he says the position is a big portfolio and entails dealing with all the infrastructure hard assets that you see on the ground and below the ground, the pipes, water, water treatment, roads, parks, and also the facility maintenance. Waste and recycling and the eco-center all those good things that make Cochrane moving."

Azam Khan is getting a feel for how things work in Cochrane and he says, "On my end, I am just currently meeting with all staff and getting to know their operational needs and where I can provide some leadership and input. Currently on my mind is snow, with snow season coming in (chuckles) so I will be working with roads staff to understand the different priorities are within the town."

It is safe to say the new infrastructure and operational services manager has his work cut out for him in the coming months, but he seems more than happy to be here to take on the challenge.