The Community of Riversong could be skating on their own outdoor rink this winter.

The spot where the residents would like to see a rink is in a public, green space in River Heights Park near the playground.

Gerry Murphy, Town of Cochrane, Parks and Open Spaces Manager, says the Town is in support of putting a rink in, but adds they would have to work out all the kinks.

“We have some irrigation in there, some power, junction boxes and that kind of stuff. Where the rink would be and the size of it is restricted in some respect. We can't have any penetration into the ground because, even though, we can mark the sprinkler heads but the lines aren't necessarily installed in a straight line. Therefore, there is potential that we can cause damage to the infrastructure.”

The Town would like to accommodate the wishes of the residents but at the same time they have to protect the groundwork.

Murphy explains as an alternative the Town is planning to approach the Rocky View School Division about putting a rink on Bow Valley High land.

“We are going to engage Rocky View School Division to see if they'll be open to possibly putting in a regulation outdoor rink on their property; south of the parking lot and north of the artificial football field.”

He adds an outdoor rink enhances and adds value to a community.

“If I were a kid and I had the opportunity to walk from my house to a place where I can skate around. I think that would be pretty cool.”