The Town of Cochrane has identified a list of local issues residents may want to discuss with candidates in the provincial election.

It outlined five major topics, some of which are already being aggressively pursued by other organizations, that are important to the future of the community.

They include a commitment to build new schools and provide 24/7 service at the Urgent Care Centre. It believes the delivery of EMS needs to be improved and the town is struggling to attract more doctors.

With rapid growth, the town is closing in on tapping out its existing water licence. Approval will be required from the province to secure additional water licences.

The town states a commitment is required to fund and complete improvements on Hwy. 22 from the interchange, now under construction, to the James Walker Trail in south Cochrane. OIt's also seeking additional capital funding to support the town's growth.

"Ask your provincial election candidates about Cochrane and start a conversation about the community we all want to live in," it states in a social media post.