A week full of activities kicks off on Monday to celebrate Seniors Week, from June 3 to 9.

Hillary Cornelius Stormon, Community Development Worker-Older Adults with the Town of Cochrane said there will be over 40 different events and activities going on throughout the week. 

"There's going to be everything from food, different workshops to help people with everything from job searching to benefits and credits with the CRA. There's exercise in sporting events. The businesses are offering up free discounts and free services, and cultural celebrations.

"We have a section specifically for caregivers, people living with disabilities and dementia this year. As we know, oftentimes in Alberta, one in four people are caregivers, and we want to make sure they feel included as well."

Cornelius Stormon said Quirk Social will be on hand to offer something new this year. 

"We've been hearing from a lot of seniors that it's often hard to meet new people and we have a lot of new people moving to our community. We're going to be hosting a speed friending event and Quirk Social has also been getting a lot of requests to do speed dating. So for those who are looking to maybe get a little romance in their life, that's an opportunity to get out and meet people."

As Cochrane continues to grow, so does the popularity of Seniors Week according to Cornelius Stormon.

"Seniors week has been growing year over year and we can really chalk it up to our community members and all the groups that are coming on board to coordinate events and really showcase what we have in our community. We couldn't do Seniors Week without all the people in our community and all the volunteers that helped with it."

"We have quite a vibrant community of older adults. We're seeing population growth in our seniors and Seniors on the Bow is a great place to go if they're just looking for social opportunities and recreation. We also have a variety of sporting groups too. Alberta 55 Plus, they host over 35 different types of sporting events in our community. So there's all sorts of different activities for people. We're seeing people want to be active into their later years, so there's lots of opportunities for that."

COLT will be offering free transit to seniors throughout the week with the code SENIOR. 

The full list of events scheduled for next week can be found HERE