With Cochrane’s population continuing to expand, BGC of Cochrane and Area spent 2023 growing right alongside it.

“When I think about 2023, you know it's been another year of growth,” says Executive Director of the BGC Cochrane Jill Bilodeau. “We've grown programs and our youth team and our OSC (Out of School Club) programs with an additional space. We had two great fundraisers.”

“We had two duelling pianos fundraisers and we had around 400 people attend.”

Another major win for BGC came in the form of attaining the lease to the Cochrane Ranche Clubhouse.

“We were awarded the Clubhouse and so we will be able to take some children off our waitlist, which is great.”

“We're hoping to open up for summer camp in July.“

Throughout 2023, BGC Cochrane was able to support over 650 children.

“I just want to say thank you to everybody who supported us over the year,” says Bilodeau. “We couldn't do it without our sponsors and donors our amazing families that are in our care and of course, the amazing team that we have.“

“We just have the best team and they work hard each and every day to put a smile on a child's face and so we're just really thankful for that.”

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