Drew Gregory is looking forward to his upcoming performance at Bow Valley Boot Stomp in Cochrane this summer. He promises newcomers to his shows an exciting party atmosphere. 

"I grew up about an hour east of Calgary in a farm town called Standard, Alberta. I was about 15 or 16 when I finally got a guitar and I just never put it down, I just kind of fell in love with it. Then in my early 20s, I went down to Nashville and started doing some songwriting and stuff down there, and I started playing live up here at lots of little rodeos, little festivals and county fairs. We did Country Thunder Arizona last year, so I'm just trying to kind of grow it out from here, but loving every minute of it."

The award-winning singer is up for five awards at the 13th Annual Country Music Alberta Awards that go March 9-10 in Edmonton. 

"It's honestly just my favourite weekend. There's no pretentiousness to the weekend, I think everybody just hangs out in the same room, it's just a really close knit group that we've got through country music here in Alberta."

Gregory says he's looking forward to performing at Cochrane's first-ever outdoor country music fest this summer and says if you've never been to one of his shows before, you can expect a party. 

"We don't do it small, we've always done it big. I do like the writer rounds and you know, some of the more intimate stuff but I think we're most at home when it's a big loud band and where you crank it up."

"It's just beautiful country down in Cochrane, I've always loved it there, we played there a couple of times. The Calgary Police Rodeo does their thing down there every year, and we were a big part of that for a lot of years and just huge crowds would come out for that, it was crazy how many people come out and supported things going on in that town."

Bow Valley Boot Stomp is set to go July 19 & 20 at the Cochrane and District Ag Society Grounds.

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