The 50-50 jackpot keeps growing in a Bike Cochrane fundraiser for major improvements to the LaunchPad in the Quarry.

Paul Perrault, Bike Cochrane's director of operations, says about $2,400 worth of tickets have already been purchased with over three weeks left before the Dec. 15 draw. That means, at a minimum, someone will walk away with $1,200 in Christmas cash and it will likely be much more.

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"We're really excited for the winner to be able to take home some cash to help pay for Christmas and help us fundraise to redesign and pave the LaunchPad," says Perrault.

It's expected to be a $100,000 project that heavily relies upon fundraising initiatives of the nonprofit organization. 

Bike Cochrane is dedicated to advocating for the needs and safety of the cycling community.


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