Country music star Kalsey Kulyk has been taking the world by storm.

Now she's taking her country charm to Cochrane for Bow Valley Boot Stomp this summer. 

Kulyk's journey to country fame started after she was diagnosed with cancer "I realized right then and there what is life unless you're doing what you love every single day and so I decided I was going to do music after I hit the cancer bell after my last session of chemotherapy." said Kulyk. 

However her love for country started long before that "Country music has been in my family and I've loved it pretty much ever since I could talk and then sing." 

Before Kulyk comes to Cochrane she will be at the 13th annual Country Music Alberta Awards in Edmonton where she has been nominated for multiple awards. Those being:

  • Horizon female artist of the year
  • Fans' choice award 
  • Interactive artist of the year
  • Video of the year for her song "Ain't Enough Whiskey"

Her reaction to the news was a grateful one, "I was pretty shocked to be honest I really didn't expect it at all so I was super grateful, it's the coolest thing ever." said Kulyk.

Tickets to Bow Valley Boot Stomp on July 19th-20th are on sale here

Doc Walker and Aaron Goodvin are headlining the two-day outdoor event which will be held at the Cochrane Ag Grounds. 

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