The first-ever Holiday Smile Cookie Campaign was a major hit in Cochrane.

The four locally owned Tim Hortons locations sold special white-chocolate sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles with all proceeds being donated to local causes.

The grand total came to $8,871.42 raised in Cochrane to support Tim's Camps and BGC Cochrane & Area. 

Executive Director of the BGC of Cochrane and area Jill Bilodeau says the donated funds will go a long way this holiday season.

“That means a lot for BGC and our BGC family. So this money will go towards those families who are seeing some financial insecurity at this time of year.”

“It’s the difference of whether or not a child can attend childcare, so it's very impactful.”

There are seven Tim Hortons Foundation Camps across the country, including one just west of Cochrane in Kananaskis. 

Rob Eatough, Executive Director of Tim Hortons Foundation Camps believes the money raised in Cochrane is crucial to the mission of the camps. 

“It means a great deal. The kids we serve, the needs are greater than they've ever been before.”

“We're going to be able to welcome a number of more underserved youth the opportunity to come and take part in our life-changing program, which happens over a number of different summers at a really critical juncture in their lives.”

Across the country, the Holiday Smile Cookie campaign raised 9.8 million dollars that will be donated to over 600 local charities and community groups that are being supported by Smile Cookies for the first time.

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