Another step forward in the work being done to the 1A/22 Interchange.

Starting on Friday, drivers will notice another change to the temporary traffic circle. 

Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors has announced the opening of the fourth segment of the Highway 1A detour, connecting the eastern side of Highway 1A to the temporary roundabout.

map(map courtesy Town of Cochrane)

The detour is set to remain operational until 2025, diverting traffic away from the construction site for the new interchange.

Motorists can expect:

  • The roundabout will function in the same manner as other multi-lane roundabouts, with drivers on each approach required to yield to those already within the circle.
  • Drivers should exercise caution, reduce their speed, and adhere to all newly posted signs to ensure they are in the appropriate lane for their intended destination as they approach the roundabout. This will help minimize lane changes and conflicts when exiting the roundabout.

More details about the project can be found HERE. 

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